One reporter paid the ultimate price for telling the truth.

Memorial for Daphne Galizia Image from Sandro Rossi via Wikimedia

“T”here are crooks everywhere you look now. The situation is desperate,” Those are the final words typed on Running Commentary, the blog run by Daphne Caruana Galizia. Many might try to write those words off as paranoia by a journalist who trafficked in conspiracy theories. Yet, Galizia had a real reason to worry about her safety.

Mrs. Galizia had uncovered a massive conspiracy concerning the rich hiding money. It was linked to the Panama Papers. This, of course, worried the elite, and someone decided she needed to be taken out. …

The private life of a missing New York State Supreme Court justice

Photo by Fritz Hoste from Pexels

In 1917, Joseph Force Crater met his wife Stella Mance Wheeler (later Crater) when he served as her divorce attorney. There was a spark between the two that could not be denied. Loved ones warned them not to move too fast, seeing as she was coming out of a failed marriage.

But when it’s right, it’s right.

Less than a week after the divorce was finalized, Stella and Joseph were married. They loved one another passionately. Nobody could tell them that they were moving too fast or that the marriage was doomed to end.

It is not clear, though widely…

Making a movie for a paycheck is not a make good for the hate spread

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels

Mark Wahlberg is at the pinnacle of Hollywood’s A-list. His movies are usually blockbusters and rake in the cash like it’s the fall in Baltimore. Because you’re only as good as your last hit, his past misdeeds swept under the rug. At least until his movie bombs, then people regain their conscience.

There are many things that the star has to be embarrassed about; the 1988 hate crime against a Vietnamese man jumps to mind immediately. Since then, he claims to have grown and changed but has yet to speak up about the rising violence against Asian Americans. …

The government believes she’s dead, but she’s alive

Photo by Saúl Bucio on Unsplash

Jeanne Pouchain is alive and well. Everyone can see that with their own eyes. However, the French government believes that the woman is dead. This confusion has led to a very complicated life for the woman at the center of the controversy.

She is working diligently to prove that she is alive. However, once the government declares a person deceased, it is next to impossible to get them to reverse course. They seem content to let Jeanne deal with the ramifications of her alleged death.

One of the things that she is dealing with is not having access to medical…

She loved him; he loved his wife

Cordelia Botkin in 1904 Image in Public Domain via Wikipedia

In 1872, Cordelia and Welcome Botkin married. She was 18 years old, and he was a few years older than her. The couple seemed to enjoy one another’s company. They soon added a son to their growing family. It seemed like everything was going well.

It was not.

Welcome felt his wife was too flirty with other men. Many times he complained that it made him look bad and tried to force her to stop. However, Cordelia countered that he no longer seemed interested in sex. …

A love triangle comes to a fiery and tragic end

Image by ivabalk from Pixabay

Christina Mocon had strong feelings for John “Jack” Kettlewell. She told family and friends that she was in love with him, despite only having been with him for a few weeks. They urged her to be wary of moving too fast with the war veteran.

On May 12, 1947, Jack and Christina eloped. Her family’s opposition to the union only grew. They were wary of Jack’s best friend, Ronnie Barrie. Adding fuel to the fire was the fact that the other man went on the honeymoon with the newlyweds.

Christina listened as her family warned her about Ronnie. They posited…

Critical thinking has taken a dive in this era

Tom Hanks image from Dick Thomas Johnson via Wikimedia

Tom Hanks Canceled! Fox News and other conservative outlets blared across their screens. White men cried about a white man being allegedly taken down by a mob of social media warriors. Nobody is safe; they whined to their audiences, even as they themselves cancel anyone who doesn’t follow their hateful views.

What prompted this outcry of anguish? An opinion piece written by Eric Deggans posited that Oscar-winner Tom Hanks was non-racist and should be anti-racist. The thesis was that Hanks should use his platform to shine a light on the plight of people of color.

This, of course, sent the…

50 years later and the mystery persists

Cape Cod Dunes Image by Mark Martins from Pixabay

One July 1974 day started as a fun family day on the beach. 12-year-old Leslie Metcalfe and her dog were running through the sand. Her parents were behind her, laughing at the silliness of their daughter and dog. In many ways, it was the perfect day.

Or it was. When the dog began to act out, barking and pulling Leslie towards a section of dirt, the dream day would turn into a nightmare. The Metcalfes discovered a naked woman lying in the sand.

She was dead.

After the police arrived on the scene, they noted that the lady had been…

A mystery haunts Sweden to this day

Karolinska Institutet Image from Holger.Ellgaard via Wikimedia

An unnamed man was walking his dog on July 18th, 1984. The area was quiet; very few people were around. When the puppy began acting erratically, the owner tried to get him under control. It didn’t take long for him to see what upset the canine: two garbage bags sat under a tree.

Curious, the man looked inside the bags. What he discovered made him sick to his stomach. One of the bags held a woman’s torso. The other one contained her legs. He called the police right away.

When the officers arrived, there were many questions. At the top…

An unhappy marriage destroys multiple lives

Photo by Laura Reed from Pexels

Jonathan Nyce was a lonely man. Friends and coworkers tried to get him on the dating scene, but he showed no interest. That is until a friend steered him toward a mail-order bride catalog. While browsing the magazine in 1989, he saw a picture of a Filipina woman, Michelle.

The two began to correspond via the mail. It wasn’t long until they decided to meet in person. Jonathan agreed to fly out to the Philippines. Once there, he fell head over heels for the woman he had shared letters with. He proposed they get married, and she return to the…

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