As Queen Elizabeth mourns Prince Philip's death, people around the world find comfort in their love story.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip Image from New Zealand archives

This love story begins like many others, with a flush of embarrassment over an attraction. In 1939, Princess Elizabeth felt the first blushes of romance when she was 13 years old. The object of her affection was Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark, a man who was five years older than her.

Marion Crawford, Elizabeth’s governess, noticed the spark between the two while traveling to Dartmouth’s Britannia Royal Naval College. Prince Philip would join the King’s family for meals on the yacht. The young soldier would make the princess swoon every time.

Lord Louis Mountbatten, an aide to the King…

A franchise was born in the 1980s and killed in the 1990s.

Image from Flickr

While Who Framed Roger Rabbit is a beloved movie now, people who worked on the flick had a different perspective. It was in development hell. No executive or producer could agree on a vision for how the story should come together. Or how to film it.

Behind the scenes, drama nearly sank the movie in its entirety. However, powerful champions kept pushing for production on the film to start. Several people believed it would be the movie that saved Disney Animation and return it to its former glory.

Before it could do that, there would be drama within the ranks…

It was a fairytale relationship doomed to end in the happily-never-after pile.

Photo by Chris Goodwin from Pexels

Steven Cloobeck met Stefanie Gurzanski through a “matchmaker,” Katherine Abagain Le. The three of them had lunch one day in June 2020, with Le extolling her companions' virtues throughout the meal. Cloobeck was freshly divorced and looking for the love of his life. Gurzanski was a fresh-faced model on the upswing of her career.

Despite the age difference between the two, they hit it off. After lunch, they went on a shopping spree on Rodeo Drive. The spark of desire turned into a fire of passion for the pair.

They began spending most of their time together. With California still…

Madonna’s first #1 hit has a surprising backstory.

Madonna Image from Wes Candela via Wikimedia

Near the top of the heap of classic Madonna songs lays “Like A Virgin.” The tune helped jumpstart her career by being the first of nearly 50 #1 hits. Most people know the song from just the first chord and the living legend’s familiar voice.

What most people don’t know is that the song nearly fell into oblivion. After Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly wrote the song, they recorded a demo of it. Their first thought that it should be a sensitive ballad, didn’t work out the way they hoped it would.

In fact, the duo hated the song so…

A marriage in trouble and dark secrets may have led to Judy Garland’s death.

Image by Flybynight from Pixabay

To say that Judy Garland is a gay icon would be an understatement. The love flowed between the two parties as easily as vodka into a cosmo. It wasn’t just the LGBTQIA community that loved the legend, though; she was fairly loved throughout the world.

However, there is allegedly one person who was not as enamored with the legend. Her fifth husband: Mickey Dean. Their marriage was always rocky and seemed one-sided. Judy loved him, and he loved her money. But did he love the money enough and dislike her enough to kill her?

New evidence suggests that Judy’s overdose…

Reality star loved one woman, married another, and ended both relationships in dramatic fashion.

Publicity Still from Ethan Miller VH1

It’s a running joke in the entertainment industry that reality shows aren’t so real. They may not employ scriptwriters to create drama; producers meddle in situations and outcomes that will make for the best drama even if it’s not what the participant wants to do.

What happens if the producers meddle too much and steer things off course? The producers of Megan Wants A Millionaire found out the hard way. They cast Ryan Jenkins, who appeared on another reality show the company produced. Producers tampered with the results of Megan; they ended up with two deaths to their credit.


Two men loved her; one decided to end the quagmire they were in.

Photo by Anete Lusina from Pexels

A flicker of light drew the attention of Patrolman Joseph Doyle on that winter’s night in 1942. The officer was walking by the Dutch Reform Church in Queens when he saw the unusual activity. He had convinced himself that it was a figment of his imagination until there was another flare of light.

Doyle jumped the fence and ran towards where he had seen the light. He pulled out his flashlight and began looking around the churchyard. First checking to make sure there was nothing wrong with the church, and then trying to see why someone would need light in…

It took two years, but a Florida woman was arrested for a horrendous crime…. against her father.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

It started with the death of the matriarch of the Gillespie family in 2018. The patriarch, Daniel Gillespie, took possession of the house he shared with his wife. Their children, however, believed they were entitled to a piece of the home as well. Eventually, he asked one of his daughters and her three children to stay with him.

His other three children worried that the living situation would be too stressful for their father. However, Shannon was determined to keep her interest in the house and not be run out by her father. …

His existence is continued

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

I flickered back into existence; each time I went out, it hurt like Hell. After I was fully formed, I stayed on the ground for a second. To stand up right away would give those hunting me the knowledge of my location and my bones a chance to ache again. When I heard no sound, I stood up. I was at least 5 miles from where I had been shot and killed.

This must all be confusing for someone that is not part of my world. See, in Old York, which used to be known as New York, certain people…

The View co-host is hoping fans have a short memory.

Meghan McCain on set at The View. Image from ABC/Disney

Meghan McCain is known as a lightning rod for controversy. She has built her television career being a speakerphone for Fox News’ talking points, even when they don’t align with her own personal beliefs. Her go-to emotion is fury when someone dares counter her or attempts to use facts to present why she is wrong.

Case in point, McCain and The View’s moderator, Whoopi Goldberg, got into a heated exchange last July. The conservative host claimed that the organizers of the Woman’s March had strong ties to Farrakhan and held anti-semitic views. …

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