A Complicated Triangle Of Stars

They loved one another and the same man.

Elizabeth Taylor, Eddie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds Image from Wikimedia

Friends Til The Crash

Elizabeth met Eddie and Debbie from second husband Mike Todd, who also happened to be Eddie’s best friend. Many people said that Elizabeth was the most content when she was with Mike.

Grief Be A Lady Tonight

Elizabeth was so grief-stricken she almost didn’t make it to the private funeral in Chicago for her beloved. She got the courage from Eddie Fisher. Eddie and Mike were so close that Eddie understood the impact Mike’s death was having on Elizabeth. Reynolds offered to stay with Elizabeth’s kids when she tried to use them as an excuse not to attend the funeral. During the flight from LA to Chicago, Elizabeth clung to Eddie, using support, literally and figuratively.

Feuding With The Bestie

Debbie and Eddie were doomed in her thinking anyway, So Elizabeth decided to go full force ahead. Debbie said about her friend, “She’s in show business and didn’t get to the top of the profession by being weak-kneed. She must have some inherent strength.”

Edward has written hundreds of acclaimed true crime articles and has won numerous awards for his short stories.

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