There’s already a crowded field of candidates vying for the Democrat’s nomination for President. Every week another bold name comes forward and declares their intent to run against Donald Trump in the 2020 Election, and all of them believe they are the one to save us from the apocalyptic scenario we were thrust into when Trump beat Hillary Clinton in 2016. One man has yet to declare his intention to run, though it is expected he will in the coming week; Joe Biden.

‘Uncle Joe’ as he is affectionately known among Liberals comes with a wealth of experience and a lot of good will having served as President Obama’s Vice President for 8 years. In the new political era in which we live though, that experience becomes a hinderance, especially as the Left moves towards wanting new blood and fresh ideas. Many believe that is why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, popularly known as AOC, beat incumbent House Representative Joseph Crowley in a primary election. Which is what people have been clamoring for, it is a much needed reality in politics.

However, putting up an unseasoned and untested politician in the hopes of out Trumping Trump is a fool’s errand. A fire is not put out by using more fire, instead dousing it with water is the preferred method. In the same vein, having someone with experience, who is loved by Democrats, and enjoys a grudging respect with Republicans is the way to go. And in a compromise worthy of someone who actually knows how to make a deal, Biden is contemplating announcing himself as a one-term President.

When the info leaked, murmurs flooded political outlets and pundits tried to make sense of what was happening, as if it were a complicated mystery only they could solve. If the strategy is indeed what they go with, the appeal to voters is two-fold. First, Trump is removed from office to stand on the sidelines and whine about how unfair voters were to him. Second, a President is elected knowing there are only four years to set the course for an agenda. This will speed the legislation process up a bit, even if it is only theorectical. There is also a chance for the Vice President to be groomed and ready to run for the Highest office in the land.

In Biden’s case, it is rumored he would choose Stacey Abrams. This is a brilliant choice for many reasons, including the fact that she nearly turned the Governor’s mansion in Georgia blue for the first time in more than 15 years. Abrams is also one of the most celebrated Democrats right now. Her popularity is such that she was asked to give the rebuttal to Trump’s State of The Union address over more veteran politicians. It’s the perfect storm for a rising Liberal star.

Will this strategy work? It’s certainly possible. The major weakness in the plan seems to come from Biden himself. He’s often had troubles holding his tongue and making gaffes where normal, for lack of a better word, politicians would have known better than to say that. In the wonderous era of politics though, a running mouth may cost votes for the other guy. Maybe this time what has long been considered Biden’s worst trait, may come back to be his greatest strength.

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