Eerie Silence Led To Grizzly Discovery Of Corpse

Former couple committed a crime together, then one was killed.

Image from Ben-David and Portis’ Social Media Accounts

Robbery Of Mother

Anthony Portis and Dominique Ben-David dated briefly in 2018. The relationship was tumultuous and the couple often argued. Something that appears to be standard fare with Portis.

Beating Discovery

After the burglary and break up with Ben-David, Portis began dating another woman. She has remained unnamed to protect her and the child. Multiple reports suggested the two women lived in an apartment with Portis.

No Bail Murder

With the discovery of the body, police began looking at the social media accounts of everyone involved. A chilling post on Portis’ Facebook may have been a warning about what was to come: “You all realize I am going to snap one day…right?”

Edward has written hundreds of acclaimed true crime articles and has won numerous awards for his short stories.

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