Explicit Sex Scenes, Hidden Romance

Why I don’t hide the sex but do sneak in the love.

Photo courtesy of Reddit

Sex Sells

Women are not afraid to get a little dirty. Men also like erotica but they don’t want a word picture painted for them, they want actual pictures to tell them the story. That’s why Playboy did away with pictorials and then brought them back a few months later.

Hidden Romance

My newest project starts with the main characters having sex for an entire chapter. There were groans from some guys that they can’t last a paragraph, let alone a full chapter. Both men identify as straight but are drunk when the hookup happens.

Is Romance Dead?

Ask Harlequin if romance is dead and they will laugh their billion-dollar asses off. Romance is always in style but the type of romance changes with the times. Right now, the billionaire and the bad boy tropes are on their way out. Heroes and good guys are among the popular subgenres.

Edward has written hundreds of acclaimed true crime articles and has won numerous awards for his short stories.

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