First Comes BroJob then Comes Bromance in a Carriage

“No homo!” Some straight guys will yell whenever they so much as touch hands with another dude. So afraid of catching the gay they are, the only logical combatant to it is to let the other one know he’s not gay. So what does it mean when his dick is in the mouth of another dude?

Obviously, all he has to do is yell no homo, right? That’s how it works. Or maybe he’s having such a good time that he forgets to scream it. What happens then? The clear answer is; he starts to lust, Channing Tatum, can name all of Queer Eye’s Fab Four and laments the decline in queens trying to be on Drag Race. Haven’t you gotten your copy of the gat agenda yet?

Bro Give Me A BJ

Researching truths for erotic novels is a plus to writing those types of novels (and articles)! Plus, sex always sells. ALWAYS. That being said, one of the big trends (as it usually is) happens to be a gay man/straight man relationships. Or a bit more niche two straight men in a gay relationship.

Seriously. This is a thing. Two straight dudes will “decide” to be gay for a month or however long. Logan Paul brought it to the nation’s attention when he declared he would only have sex with men for a month. There are other men, who are now coupled with another hetero man all over the country.

It usually starts with a simple dare or favor. “Please suck my dick.” Everything evolves from there. But you know a man is interested when he asks you to give him head. Every fairytale begins that way.

Hold My Hand

The romance is kicked up a notch after the initial blowjob. While they are out, one guy will grab the hand of the other. Like a couple. He will repeatedly say things like, “this doesn’t mean anything.” However, the look on his face will tell a completely different story. It means a lot.

Waiting for the L train in Manhattan shows a lot of human nature. Including two men wanting something more from the relationship. They were around the same age. One had a “dad bod” while the other was slightly slimmer. The slimmer one kept gazing at his companion with a look of love and lust. Maybe they had just met and were heading for a hot one nighter. Maybe they had been friends forever and were heading for the altar. After several minutes of flirting and what can only be called heavy petting, they started making out.

After the first kiss, Dad Bod said he was straight and hit on a lady near him. To which she answered that he was with his boyfriend. He smiled and they kissed again.

Its Time For Bromance

Putting the “B” in front of romance really is a saving grace for these guy having to deal with the fact they are gay. From the blowjob to the kiss, so far this is developing just as Queer as Folk told us it would.

An argument some guys have started using now is that sexuality is fluid. This was something sexpert Dr. Albert Kinsey has always maintained. Are people just not catching on? Or are they looking for reasons why it’s ok to get their dick sucked by their homoboys (typo intentional.)

What is it about a guy sucking another guy’s dick that makes it feel so good? Some people will argue that only a man knows what a man wants. Others will say head is head, and all men love head. The truth though is less complicated. Sometimes a guy is gay, even if he wants to declare himself to be straight.

No hetero.

Edward has written hundreds of acclaimed true crime articles and has won numerous awards for his short stories.

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