I Have Cult Classic Articles

And you can too

Edward Anderson


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True confession, I have multiple articles that would be considered cult classics. One is a Florida man true crime, dude confessed to killing his wife and then blamed the media. And no this wasn’t Trump.

Another is about gay-for-pay porn star Kyle Dean possibly being killed. The last one is one that hit closest home to me. Dorian Corey kept a dead body in her closet for more than 30 years. It was wrapped in leather. And I just realized I’ve been doing leather play all wrong. Sorry boys!

What do these stories have in common? They all intrigued me and were written for my amusement. Wait, that was the answer for my therapist. Charge me $200 an hour, be prepared to work hard for the money. Not literally. Although maybe I give her ladywood. Damn, now we’re off topic.

Interesting Insights

Now I’m going to have to argue with my editors about whether or not the last paragraph stays in. Apparently saying off topic takes people out of the article, maybe if the writing was good the reader would stay with us. Damn bro, it’s not easy being me.

The thing about any article is, it needs to be interesting. If the author is bored with it, what chance is there that the audience will like it. Think of an article like a Britney song. “Gimme More” is iconic because of one line, “it’s Britney, Bitch!” It’s not a song that many people go searching for, sometimes I think Brit forgets she sang it. But fellow Blackout song, “Piece of Me” has such a following that Brit’s team named an entire residency after it. Why? Britney likes singing it and it shows.

With the Dorian Corey story, it was literally up my ally. She was a LGBTQ icon, lived in my city, and the story was the stuff of camp legend. The fact that I kept seeking more information to share shows how I invested I was in the story of my neighbor from another time. The audience ate it up like a slice of chocolate cheesecake.

Absorbing Angel

Writing any kind of article requires skill, research, and creativity. Sometimes you have to play Blues Clues to find an angle that will resonate with the audience. There was a better analogy but I…



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