Lizzie Borden’s LGBTQ Secret

The alleged murderess was in love… with a lady!

Edward Anderson


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This is not your mother’s Lizzie Borden. Most are aware of the infamous Borden. Though the information seems to be based around the allegations she killed her parents. Yet, there was so much more to the Lizzie Borden legend that seems to have disappeared under the glare of the more salacious stories.

For starters, the woman largely credited as being Borden’ mother, was her stepmother. Both Borden and her sister, Emma were upset with their father and stepmother. The parents had planned on selling the childhood home of the girls. This led to a massive family fight, just before the murders.

Religion Played a Part

Back in 1892, Lizzie Borden was considered a spinster. Unmarried and racing towards 40, Borden despised the title society bestowed upon her. Even more than that, allegedly she hated the religion her father forced upon the family.

According to historians, Borden was not keen on spending her Sunday mornings with people who didn’t like her. And whom she didn’t like. Yet, Andrew Borden threatened to withhold money from his daughters should they chose not to go to church with the family.

There was more though. As one of the wealthy families in Fall River, Massachusetts, the Borden’s had a lot of sway. The alleged murderer wanted to promote social justice but the Patriarch would hear none of it. He liked things the way they were, mostly.

Shades of Trump

While there were no calls for a wall around the city borders, immigration was still a hit issue. As more Irish people moved into the area, crime rates are said to have shot up. Andrew Borden wanted something done about this. His daughter, Lizzie may have found a solution to her problem.

As it turned out, after Andrew and his wife were murdered, a Polish immigrant was the first one to be arrested. There was no evidence linking the suspect to the crime but his skin color was different and Andrew had spoken out about immigrants. That was enough.

But it wasn’t, and soon the heat would have been on Lizzie.

Tabloid Murder Heiress



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