Sex and Insanity Don’t Go Hand In Hand

“He’s insane but the dick is good though!” It’s a common saying, especially when one is talking about an ex. It’s almost as if they are giving themselves permission to go back and screw their former partner again.

Even if they are, should they be shamed for it? Of course not. Yet, a simple Google search performed for help with a story idea revealed a ton of think pieces that suggested people still believe that loving sex constitutes insanity.

One of the recurring themes found in the search was that masturbation still seems to be thought of harshly. There were at least two historical figures that loved playing with themselves, both of them royalty, and most people thought of them as being crazy. A stigma that has lasted until the modern day.

King Tut is one of The figures mentioned that loved having fun with his royal staph. One piece said his practice of shutting away for some one on one time with his cock distracted him from ruling Egypt.

Another king that is said to have been addicted to his own wang was Christian VII. It is said he loved playing with himself so much that his most trusted advisor had an affair with the Christian’s wife. Historians also said “He was so addicted that the doctors became worried that he would become infertile. They also thought it was stunting his growth.”

The old “you’re gonna go blind” concern remixed.

Slut shaming happened in the past almost as much as it happens today. There have been many people in the course of history that have enjoyed sex. Many of the more infamous historical figures have some sex scandal attached to them.

The articles found often referenced their active sex lives as evidence that they were insane. It’s insulting these authors and historians decided that enjoying sex is a sign of one being crazy. Especially seeing as they could have chosen other fascinating figures throughout history that actually did insane things.

Even the kinks they mentioned weren’t all that out there.

There is a movement to stop people from kink shaming. Why should someone feel bad about what they enjoy doing in bed? If both people consent to it, then there is no issue.

Yet, one of the most frequently talked about figures in the articles was Ben Franklin. Apparently he enjoyed sex with older women. Donald Trump enjoys sex with porn stars. Who cares? Both men are entitled to enjoy sex with any partner they want. The articles went out of their way to drive home the point that Franklin was insane for liking the type of women that he did. The argument seemed to be centered on the fact that the ladies were older and nothing else.

Likewise sexy spanking is very common in today’s society. So why did these writers also try to shame Jean-Jacques Rousseau with their insanity talk. He liked his ass to be smacked, there is nothing insane about that. Perhaps it was risque for his time, but there is no way it was considered insane. Maybe if he read Fifty Shades of Grey and thought it was good, that would be insane. For the record, of course he couldn’t read it, he’s long dead. The point was made though.

A flip through Pornhub will reveal many different kinks to people. There are videos to serve just about every legal kink. From bi-sexual parents enjoying time with their child’s boyfriend to women tying a man up to have their way with him.

Maybe the leaders of today will be labeled as being insane in the future. If they are, hopefully it is for their actions and not because they like having sex. Even if they and their partner seduce a younger man into a cuckhold situation and trick him into a bi-sexual threesome. Pornhub it.

Edward has written hundreds of acclaimed true crime articles and has won numerous awards for his short stories.

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