The Book That Made Me Cry

A popular TV journalist wrote an incredible memoir.

Michael Ausiello Image by Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia

The Feeling Of Love

Michael Ausiello brings you into his world and gives you the lay of the land. From the first blush of his romance with his husband to the last breath his beloved Kit takes to the bittersweet eulogy that he gives for his soul mate. You could felt the same emotions that Ausiello felt because he opened his heart and let it bleed onto the page. Seriously, the man lets you feel his emotions on every single damn page. For 300 pages, you are on this rollercoaster ride with him, and he makes sure that you feel the peaks and the crashing volley’s. It made me think about my own writing.

Writing To Touch

While I focused on my nonfiction writings, I had completely ignored the fact that my fiction could touch people. The story centers around a woman who sees an ex-boyfriend and the commiserate about the baby that she aborted. The reviewer was lovely and kept saying that she cried while reading it. Woot! I made someone cry. It was an ugly cry in my head, like the one that Michael Ausiello made me do.

Scrubbing Away

See, what had happened was I had just finished the book and needed to not show my tear-stained face to the guy I’m seeing. So I showered and scrubbed any trace of the tears away, then I decided to go and buy myself a little happy. That means I wanted a new book. The 1 train (New Yorkers will get it) dropped me off just blocks from my destination, and Britney helped blight out the memoir's remaining sadness. Or so I thought. Once I was in the store, I walked around and felt the happiness enter me. Then out of nowhere, I thought about how as Kit laid dying, he admitted to another affair, and just like that, I shouted, “Fuck that shit.” The clerk looked at me and scrambled to get away from me.

Frustrating To The End

When I ran my gossip blog, it was strictly about the celebs or my opinion about some social issue that the celebs hit on. Outside of one post I did about the abusive relationship that I had been in, there was nothing about me. As I said, I wouldn’t say I like to share my personal life with people. Maybe if I did, I wouldn’t have such a hard time writing my memoir about said relationship, and my friend wouldn’t anxiously be waiting for the next chapter.

Edward has written hundreds of acclaimed true crime articles and has won numerous awards for his short stories.

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