What is it about Florida couples? They act as if they have never heard of divorce and murder is the only way to get out of an unwanted relationship. Maybe there are no divorce attorneys in the Sunshine State. That could almost make sense. Almost.

It is Florida after all, and crazy things happen there. Like a man claims the cocaine on his nose, isn’t his. In this case Velvet Burns was killed because her husband couldn’t keep his fly up and didn’t want to be married to her any more.

What It Feels Like For A Victim

Jerry Burns and his girlfriend, Amanda Love, were not happy with Velvet. She insisted on living despite them wanting to be together and needing the life insurance money her death would provide. Selfish! Jerry found what he thought was a clever way around the whole “my wife is alive” thing.

He began to plot and plan Velvet’s death. After enlisting help from Amanda, the devious plot was put into motion. Jerry was going to pay people Amanda found “$5,000 to transport individuals to the victim’s residence and commit the murder,” Of course, Amanda was due a cut of the insurance money once it was collected. It was a great, greedy plan.

Burgled From Money

Amanda Love found three people to pull off this murder. Things started off well enough. Just before 1:30 pm on May 9, 2019, police were called the Burns’ residence. Velvet had been found stabbed to death. The back door of the house had been left wide open. This should have been an open and shut case.

It wasn’t. Something bothered police about the whole thing. Investigators called Jerry, who happened to be three hours away on business. An airtight alibi, so a pesky murder charge didn’t hold up the insurance payout.

Arrested Developments

Two of the people that were hired to kill Velvet were arrested. They decided to tell the cops everything about the arrangement. Police listened with a skeptical ear but matched the stories perfectly together. While they admitted to the crime, they alleged Jerry and Amanda paid them for the service. There is one more suspect still at large, police have not been able to track this person down as of press time.

The big picture started to form for the cops. Little by little, they realized Jerry and Amanda were having an affair. After that, more of the case began to make sense.

To them. Velvet’s best friend, Crystal Strickland, still can’t make heads or tails out of what happened. Strickland told WJAX:“I find it so hard to believe, because he got to the scene of the crime, and he just fell to his knees and kept pounding the ground, He kept telling me that she was his life — and that’s why I find this to be so devastating.” Maybe Jerry realized that he was going to be dating someone who knew how to hire murderers. Properly.

Jerry Burns and Amanda Love have been charged with the murder of Velvet Burns among other crimes. Maybe they’ll wear matching orange jumpsuits at their prison wedding.

Edward has written hundreds of acclaimed true crime articles and has won numerous awards for his short stories.

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