What If Warner Merged With Marvel?

The entertainment landscape would look much different

Edward Anderson
5 min readMar 26, 2024


Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

In 1969, Warner Brothers and DC Comics were brought together by their mutual parent company, Kinney National Company. The rest is entertainment history.

But what if Kinney owned Marvel Comics instead?

The impact on the switch would not be immediate, but it would be lasting. When it comes to the entertainment landscape, things would be much different than they are now. But how much different would they be?

For starters, Disney would not own Marvel in the modern day. The MCU would not exist, at least not the version that most movie audiences are familiar with. It is likely that Warner would launch a connected universe with their characters, but not likely with the stories that the House of Mouse used.

Instead, it is likely that Warner would have launched their version with a Spider-Man story. That would have been followed with a Captain America movie.

That all would have culminated in Avengers: Civil War.

Like with Disney, the story would have been split into two films. Unlike the Magic Kingdom’s versions, Warner’s movies would be nominated for Best Picture Oscars. Though the academy would be loathe to actually give them a statuette, they would…



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